Monday, September 29, 2014

Eatin Dirt

The other day I flew.
Or I almost flew but then I got scared,
And so I fell forward and skid across the gravel
In a moment I was reminded of the mortal I am
Cause that shit HURRRRT
But in that next moment I thought about the immortal I am
And it gave me a rush
Made me wanna do some more thrillin stuff
Cause life lately has lost some of the... idk. Maybe I just lost zeal
And I hate that I find it in things that probably aren't the best for me
Like causing chaos
Getting arrested by police
Or simply
But fuck it. Love fast die young was once the mantra
However I'm prone to live forever
Just not in this physical state and I'm cool with that
I'm working on my 8th life
(Secretly I'm a cat and curiosity will in fact kill me)

Long story short
... I'm still sore

And I was soooo afraid that my nipples were gone as I was "flying" across the ground

But they were there when I looked, safe and sound

But I got an opportunity to lay on a table and chill with this tree

I don't know why suddenly my phone is underlining everything

But that's my story. It ended nicely, I met a gardener named Lona and she gave me some okra. Turns out I like raw okra. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"You Can Tell You Not From Round Here"

It's funny how I hear that everywhere I go.  Even the place I consider my native land doesn't recognize me as its own. Virginia is the misfit.  For individuals at least.

Oddly, a lot of people tell me I fit right in,  like I belong wherever I'm at, for more than one place. That's valid tho, I'm supposed to be where I'm at right? I don't mind.  But I hate feeling like an alien, proving myself to fit into some niche in society. I guess I'm past the point of proving myself actually. If you like it, I love it and if not then oh well.

They usually love my lack of swagger type swagger tho. Cause they can't figure it out. I'm cool with it. I try n tell em I'm an anomaly but they never listen. They gon' love me tho! They gon' loooove me ;)

Watch out world...

Sunday, September 14, 2014

G40 Art Summit

So.... like I do, I went to this art show solo last night.
Before I start this let me say, I've taken a vow of abstinence until I'm 26.
That being said: I'm stupid. Going to this show yesterday was straight TORTURE. I know, it shouldn't be that I can't have a normal conversation without the intent of sex at the end, but my mind wanders so I'm trynna combat that. I had to overt my gaze with some of the women there cause I stare like a dog at a hydrant. It was painful tho, like I could barely enjoy the art. Even tho that shit was awesome!
Most of it at least. I try not to hate on other artists but I swear I don't understand how some people price things. It's hard for me to see monetary value sometimes. Unless I can account for the actual production costs, I can't see how to determine how much the value is. Not always, but if I see cardboard cut outs for a grand I'm gonna be confused.
I was so excited to see one artist's work. It was a train set th that was all tagged up! Two of my favorite things! Trains. And graffiti. If you know me you should know that. Simple as it was, I told myself I would've bought the whole set if I had the money.
Other than that, the atmosphere was cool. It was held at the Art Whino, I think. At first I wasn't sure if that building was just a place for the show, or if that's the actual place of the Art Whino. It looks like a gay church from the outside and initially I thought "That's where I'm supposed to be!" Then I thought nah.... but I was right in my instinct. Inside was real hip hop, writing on the walls, live dj, not too crowded but just enough people to feel like you're somewhere, had a nice Argentinean malbec and I was in my zone.
Unlike most of my solo adventures tho, I didn't feel completely comfortable. I was alright being alone, but I felt like I wanted to be part of that group. I figured it should've been easy for me to integrate, cause it's just one, but somewhere along the way I retreated within myself. Maybe I was intimidated? I guess. Also, I've become weary of people so I kind of came to the conclusion that if they don't approach me or look like they wanna be approached then there's no need to step out my way ya know.

Monday, September 8, 2014

I'm lying

I thought my first day was today.... turns out it's tomorrow. And I got all cute and everything trynna make a first impression. Whatever tho, it is what it is.
I went and had lunch at this fountain tho. And omg was it gorrrrrrgeeeeouuusssssssss. Like it was kind of overcast and slightly chilly, but it was still warm when it was necessary.
I met a guy tho, he was an interesting one. He led me to this sweet ass park somewhere by Eastern Market. It was such a gem. There were murals EVERYWHERE! And that, my friends, is why I love DC. Cause even riding the bus through the "hood" is a beautiful sight. All the chocolate. I like the other flavors too, but I like seeing black communities ya know. That have interesting dynamics. Dynamics that I understand, but don't at the same time. Cause I talk white.
It is what it is tho. It's whatever right
But both sides of the city are cool. The capital, and the high rises and shit. Those are nice. The areas of the "lower" class are cool tho. Like the flavor is evident.

Saturday, September 6, 2014